With theft and crime on the rise and the nation’s trust at an all time low, it is becoming a necessity to do everything in one’s power to protect property. You can enhance your home or building security with an access control system! It is an excellent way to further protect not only entries, exits and doorways but also how and who you give permission to enter your home and or office. Have more peace of mind knowing that you’ll have better control of your fortress!


We offer:

  • Integration of NFC technology
  • Bio-metric fingerprint scanners
  • Carded gate and doorway access control
  • Employee ID badge access control
  • Integration of automated doors and locks
  • Barcode readers for condominiums, apartment complexes, and HOAs with existing entry/exit gates.

“Off-Grid Communications” is a Barcode Automation Inc. (BAI) dealer specializing in bringing communities and HOAs an access control system using the latest barcode reader technology for their entry and exit gates.